Tests Your Doctor Should Run

Dr. Wald suggests six blood tests that you should ask your doctor to run. These are tests that hold critical clues to your well-being, mood and disease potential. “These tests should be a part of your overall care,” according to Dr. Michael Wald, known as “The Blood Detective.” They are standard tests that can be ordered by any physician.

Optimal Wellbeing

An easy way to think of optimal wellbeing might be to envision a three-legged stool, says Heather Reed. “The three legs include physical activity, nutrition and that underappreciated component missing from too many Americans’ lives – stress management, or a healthy mental state,” she says. Good advice on stress management from Heather and Dr. Matt Mumber.

Drink your Veggies — and get a nice tan!?!

Most Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables for health and a radiant skin glow. If you don’t like rabbit food … DRINK YOUR VEGGIES!

Food for Thought: The Work of Community Servings

Dear Fellow Travelers: Yesterday (Dec 6), Joyce and I had the pleasure of talking with Suzanne Robertson, a professional dietitian who works with Community Servings based in the general area of Boston Massachusetts. According to information on its website (http://www.servings.org) this nonprofit organization delivers homestyle meals each day to some 1300 people in a 215 […]

Sustaining Nutrition when you Don’t Feel Like Eating

In celebration of National Food Day, Susanne Robertson from Community Servings talks with Mike and Joyce about their unique service to prepare meals for people who need some additional nutritional support.

Befriended her Cancer and Healed Herself

Given only three months to live, Denise DeSimone named her cancer and gave it permission to teach her the lessons she needed to learn. She cured herself, and uses her life to inspire others.

Healing Depression and Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs

Threatened with cancer, Gracelyn Guyol worked to overhaul her diet, take natural supplements, and eliminate toxins from her environment. In the doing, she also healed her bipolar and depression.

Obesity Action Coalition

Obesity is now in epidemic proportions in the United States, especially among children. What are the most promising actions that we can all take to help us trim down and maintain our health? James Zervios, Director of Communications for the Obesity Action Coalition joins Joyce to talk about their strategies.