Going outside your comfort zone for medical care

Mike and Joyce chat about the adventure of going outside your comfort zone for medical care.

e-Patient Dave says, “Let Patients Help!”

Dave deBronkart talks with Joyce about his book Let Patients Help! describing how doctors, nurses, patients and caregivers can partner for better health care.

Innovative Efforts toward Affordable Medications

Jon-Michael Rosmann of the Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation joins Joyce to talk about their efforts to provide affordable prescription drugs to the people of Iowa.

Medical Tourism – why and how

More than a million Americans went outside the country for necessary health care in 2013. Mike and Joyce speak with Joe Harkins of the Medical Tourism Journal.

A conversation with Deb Violette

In this episode Mike talks with his long-time friend and dedicated advocate for lung cancer, Deb Violette, founder of Free ME from Lung Cancer.

Coping with Time-Crunched Physicians

“A good doctor-patient relationship is essential to achieving the best possible care, but the reality is, most doctors have less and less time to spend with each patient,” says Dr. Paul Griner. “So it’s important for patients to take some responsibility for that relationship, too.” Joyce talks with Dr. Griner about how patients can prepare for their visits and make the best use of their time with their physician.

Food for Thought: The Work of Community Servings

Dear Fellow Travelers: Yesterday (Dec 6), Joyce and I had the pleasure of talking with Suzanne Robertson, a professional dietitian who works with Community Servings based in the general area of Boston Massachusetts. According to information on its website (http://www.servings.org) this nonprofit organization delivers homestyle meals each day to some 1300 people in a 215 […]

A Present Dilemma

Dear Fellow Travelers: An article in the AARP Bulletin for November, 2012 entitled To Test or Not to Test by Chris Woolston is the basis for our conversation today. In that article Woolston cites an eye-opening statement made by the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, Otis Brawley, M.D. that deserves serious consideration. […]

Point of View

Dear Fellow Travelers: I believe in optimism; a positive attitude, good Karma, any of a dozen other phrases that emphasizes outcomes that are successful or are more advantageous for the individual. I believe that a person who looks at a glass as half full instead of seeing it as half empty can deal with adverse […]

On Becoming A Powerful Patient: Mike’s Proverb #1

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” Mark Twain Dear Fellow Travelers: I sort of like this putting a quote at the start of these conversations, for it takes a lot of […]