Food for Thought: The Work of Community Servings

Dear Fellow Travelers: Yesterday (Dec 6), Joyce and I had the pleasure of talking with Suzanne Robertson, a professional dietitian who works with Community Servings based in the general area of Boston Massachusetts. According to information on its website ( this nonprofit organization delivers homestyle meals each day to some 1300 people in a 215 […]

Point of View

Dear Fellow Travelers: I believe in optimism; a positive attitude, good Karma, any of a dozen other phrases that emphasizes outcomes that are successful or are more advantageous for the individual. I believe that a person who looks at a glass as half full instead of seeing it as half empty can deal with adverse […]

My Doctor: A Conversation

Dear Fellow Travelers: My wife and I stood in the parking lot of a very large medical center a few weeks ago talking with a doctor who had just been interviewed by a television crew. The parking lot had been converted into a place with a carnival-like atmosphere for the hospital’s annual Cancer Survivor’s Day. […]

Eat, Drink, and be Married

Joyce talks with her book, Eat Drink and be Married, which examines the relationships among the friends gathered for the wedding. Supported by a variety of eclectic characters determined to wreck havoc on their carefully organized lives, each woman is forced to come to terms with her past before she walks down the aisle. Zoë must learn how to reveal a vulnerability beneath her bravado before she can finally open her heart.

Make a Difference in Your Health Care — Speak Up!

Dr. Leana Wen, co-author of “When Doctors Don’t Listen,” talks with Joyce and Mike about the importance of making sure you and your doctor understand each other. Speak up the moment you have a question, the moment you don’t understand something the doctor said. Don’t let more time—and more opportunity for misunderstanding—pass by. The work that you do will revolutionize your interactions with your doctor, and potentially change how your doctor interacts with future patients as well.