Updating the Advocacy Activities of Robin and Mike

Robin and Mike have a discussion about their current activities in healthcare advocacy, and how advocacy can be beneficial to persons dealing with personal challenges in medical conditions

Managing Caregiver Stress

Joyce talks with Eve and with Dr. Sheryle Baker about the changes that occur in the dynamics between the patient and the caregiver, and how we can all help the caregiver survive.

A Global Voice for Patients

We speak with Rachel Seal-Jones of the IAPO, a unique global alliance representing patients of all nationalities and diseases, promoting patient-centred healthcare around the world.

Healthcare report from the Ukraine

Inna Krulko from Ukraine reports on the International Kidney Cancer Coalition meeting in Amsterdam #IKCC14. In addition to her summary of the conference she gives us some glimpses into the kidney cancer situation in Ukraine.

Betty Garrett – Caring for Caregivers

As the wife of a cancer patient, Betty Garrett was thrust into the role of caregiver and didn’t have a clue what to do, but she learned quickly.

Mike Honored for his Volunteer Work

Mike Lawing and Roy Splawn were recently honored for their volunteer work at the Hospice of Rutherford County, North Carolina.

Mental Health Issues of Diabetes

Lee Ducat and Dr. Arthur Rubenstein speak with Joyce and Mike about their forthoming conference, “Mental Health Issues of Diabetes,” to be held October 7 in Philadelphia.

Taking Care of Harry

The Caregiving experience is stressful for the patient as well as the caregiver. Whenever possible it is good to negotiate the changes in roles and responsibilities that occur. Both the patient and the caregiver need to work on evolving the relationship in ways that work for both parties and meet the medical goals.

I am Arnold Bradshaw

Diane Bradshaw stood by her husband as he battled for five years with Alzheimer’s, keeping a daily log of his care and the physical toll of the disease.

How to Cope Better in Cancerville

Coping with his own emotions, Dr. Penzer concluded that cancer is not only a dreaded diagnosis, but a place with its own culture, customs, language, confusions.