Mental Health: Evaluation, Detection, and Treatment

February 14, 2013

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Dr. Jay Lombard speaks with Joyce about the need for better ways to evaluate a person’s mental state and stability, and to determine what drugs or nutritional elements might be helpful for this particular individual. Good nutrition is essential to brain health. Individuals may have subtle deficiencies of essential minerals. There are thousands of drugs – which one is most likely to benefit this person?

Dr. Lombard, a board certified neurologist, has published several books on the role of nutrition and the brain and has lectured extensively on this topic.

The chief scientific officer of Genomind, Dr. Jay Lombard, says psychiatry needs objective biomarkers for diagnosis, and that solutions are on the way thanks to genetics, proteomics and epigenics.

Genomind offers the Genecept(TM) Assay, analysis of saliva, which looks for a panel of 10 biomarkers which have been shown to be helpful in guiding the choice of medication. See

introduction to his philosophy:

More detailed presentation done for the NAMI.

Dr. Lombard has had numerous television and radio appearances including appearances on Larry King, Dr. Oz, CBS News, Fox News, The Early Morning Show and others. He was also invited to present at TEDMED 2012. He is currently a professor of Neurology at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine.

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