Managing Fear Archive

The Cost of Falling among Older Adults

Dr. Gwen Bergen speaks with us about the cost to the health care system of falls among older adults in the United States and how to prevent falling.

Aging at Home, or Accomodating our Limitations

Robert Kaplan of “OK 2 Age at Home” speaks with Robin and Joyce about modifications that can be made to one’s home to make it safer for yourself, for an aging parent, or for anyone with a disability.

Help and Hope for Mental Illness

Mike and Joyce speak with Cindy Vickers about assisting those who are suffering from a variety of conditions consolidated under the heading of mental illness.

Hope and Resilience in the face of chronic illness

Cindy Coney is full of hope, inspiration and an unsinkable spirit that she loves using to help others affected by life challenging illness live better lives.

Managing Caregiver Stress

Joyce talks with Eve and with Dr. Sheryle Baker about the changes that occur in the dynamics between the patient and the caregiver, and how we can all help the caregiver survive.

Constructing an Indestrictible Self

Dr. Alex Lickerman offers a set of guidelines not for solving problems but for establishing a life state that makes all problems solvable,

On Happiness and the Weather

We can’t control what happens to us. We can only control how we respond. Wishing you happy days and a Very Happy Life … no matter what.

Messages for Cancer Survivors

Mike Lawing and Billy Foster, long-time survivors of kidney cancer, join her to talk about what they would say to a room full of cancer survivors.

When Fear Pushes You, Push Back!

“Most people have no idea of what they’re capable of. But I’m living proof – if you can overcome fear, you can overcome almost anything,” says Jay Platt

Finding Peace from Wartime PTSD

After 13 years away, Christal finally decided it was time to reconnect with her father and work to understand his strength and will to survive – and her own.