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Taking care of the Family

Airs Tue, April 29, 2016 03:00PM

In addition to the patient, it is critically important to take care of the whole family. Margie Frazier speaks with us about Batten Disease.

Help Wanted – Adoptive Parents for Children in Foster Care

Diane Tomaz of the Massachusetts Adoption Resources Exchange (MARE) talks about adoption and the needs of the children waiting in foster care.

Managing Caregiver Stress

Joyce talks with Eve and with Dr. Sheryle Baker about the changes that occur in the dynamics between the patient and the caregiver, and how we can all help the caregiver survive.

Be a Resilient Woman!

Too many times, women sabotage themselves, convincing themselves that their disappointments are a result of being too tall, too pretty, etc. Learn resilience!

Things As They Are: Billy’s Lesson on Acceptance

“Remember that you can’t control everything in life.  At some point you have to accept things as they are.”    Billy Foster to Paul Larson, October, 2011                                   Dear Fellow Travelers: I’m a fan of Billy Foster. Billy is many things; a husband, parent, teacher, musician, talented individual, a person of deep faith, an inspiration, and a 17 […]

Taking Care of the Community

Rabbis and school counselors are among the folks on the front lines helping individuals, families and indeed communities in times of crisis. Joyce and Mike speak with Bonnie, a school counselor from Newtown, Connecticut, and Rabbi Bill Hamilton who helped at Logan Airport on 9/11.

Under The Radar: Distress Screening

Prologue: I seldom dwell on the fact that I am a cancer survivor. Now in my 16th year of survivorship I feel that I have grown comfortable with the fact that this type of cancer is essentially incurable, that it still has the capacity to metastasize, and the routine of follow-up CT scans and Dr. […]

The Complexity of PTSD

Dear Fellow Travelers: Recently, Joyce and I had the privilege of interviewing Michelle Bellon, author of The Complexity of a Soldier. Her book is a work of fiction, but it is based on a very profound and deep problem that many of our soldiers are now facing; PTSD. PTSD, also called post traumatic stress disorder […]

The Making of “I Once Was Blind”

Charlene and Jeffrey Chapman walk with Joyce about their experience creating the film “I Once Was Blind,” a new independent film documenting the life of a young woman living with VHL.


Widow: Moving on to the Next Chapter in Your Life

Joyce talks with June Wilcox, her mother, and Judy Powell, a social worker, about making the transition from marriage and caregiving to living on your own. People who have been a caregiver for many years go through a jarring transition when their spouse dies — they essentially lose their job, and sometimes with it their compass, their direction in life. June talks about making this transition at 92 after 68 years of marriage, and coming through it in a healthy way.