Finding others with the same challenges Archive

Welcoming Karen Gibson

Joyce and Robin speak with Karen G. of Florida. Karen shares her story of living with kidney cancer and working with others in her community to inspire them with hope.

ALDconnect – you are not alone

Following her son’s diagnosis with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) Kathleen O’Sullivan-Fortin took an active role as patient advocate for her son.

Smart Patients are in touch with SmartPatients

Joyce and Robin talk with Dr. Roni Zeiger, CEO of SmartPatients, about the resources for cancer patients available through

Should I go to a Patient Support Conference?

What happens at a patient support conference? Is it worthwhile to go, or will it be stressful? Carla talks about her recent experience.

The Impact of Social Media on Healthcare

Dr. Paula Goldenberg talks with Robin and Joyce about her social media “clinic” on Facebook.

Welcome Robin Martinez

Robin MartinezMike Lawing has retired from Powerful Patient. We wish him well in his new endeavors. Mike and Joyce welcome Robin Martinez as the new co-host of Powerful Patient. Robin and Joyce talk about some of their new ideas and directions for the show and the advocacy efforts of Powerful Patient Inc.

Differences, Bullying, and Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Karen Ball, CEO of the Sturge-Weber Foundation, speaks with Joyce about Sturge-Weber syndrome (SWS) and the challenges faced by people with this condition.

Report from the International Kidney Cancer Symposium Dublin April 2014

Mike and Joyce talk with Robin Martinez, moderator of the patient support conversation at, about the Kidney Cancer Symposium held in Dublin April 2014.

Wind River – taking the sting out of cancer

Shannon and Dave know what it’s like to go through the anxiety and pain of a cancer journey. They find comfort and inspiration in the woods of North Carolina.

Brian Loew and

Brian Loew, CEO of, hosts thousands of support groups on a myriad of topics that connect people with similar challenges, while guarding their privacy.