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Empowering Yourself, Getting in Shape

Lisa Dwoskin devoted her life to chasing the perfect body, but found this quest had drastic negative sideeffects. She changed her approach and shares it with us.

Riding the Horse called Hope… a conversation with bill penzer

You would think that a person who had been a practicing psychologist for more than four decades would know how to cope with the diagnosis of cancer in one of his grown children. Psychologists are a source of refuge, help, and direction for many of us who suffer with all kinds of maladies and are […]

Juliet Ibrahim fighting kidney cancer in Africa

Juliet Ibrahim, a successful actress and model in Ghana, West Africa, created the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation to fight kidney cancer in Ghana and throughout Africa.

Obesity Action Coalition

Obesity is now in epidemic proportions in the United States, especially among children. What are the most promising actions that we can all take to help us trim down and maintain our health? James Zervios, Director of Communications for the Obesity Action Coalition joins Joyce to talk about their strategies.