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Riding the Horse called Hope… a conversation with bill penzer

You would think that a person who had been a practicing psychologist for more than four decades would know how to cope with the diagnosis of cancer in one of his grown children. Psychologists are a source of refuge, help, and direction for many of us who suffer with all kinds of maladies and are […]

Juliet Ibrahim fighting kidney cancer in Africa

Juliet Ibrahim, a successful actress and model in Ghana, West Africa, created the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation to fight kidney cancer in Ghana and throughout Africa.

Breaking the Habit

Mike talks about his own experience quitting smoking, and encourages you to do the same. At the very least, get the smoke out of your life even if you can’t kick the nicotine. There are smokeless products to help you. Getting rid of nicotine and tar significantly lowers your health risks.

Tobacco, Nicotine – stop smoking and reduce harm

Dr. Gilbert Ross speaks with Mike and Joyce about stopping smoking, getting smoke and tar out of your life, and reducing the harm that they inject into our bodies and our atmosphere. If you can’t quit nicotine, there are smokeless products to help you.

One in 17 Americans will develop Lung Cancer

There is a remarkably high rate of lung cancer among women who have never smoked. The Lung Cancer Circle of Hope works to educate the public and increase funding for lung cancer research.


Shows from 2011 Support for Children whose siblings have special needs, 10-27-2011 Elizabeth Batson’s new book *I Have Needs Too! Supporting the Child Whose Sibling Has Special Needs* combines quotes and drawings from kids whose siblings have special needs with parenting help from a professional. The book offers parents insight and practical advice on how […]