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The Cost of Falling among Older Adults

Dr. Gwen Bergen speaks with us about the cost to the health care system of falls among older adults in the United States and how to prevent falling.

Kidney Health – Time for some Decent Exposure

Joyce speaks with Anne Wilson, CEO of Kidney Health Australia, an organization dedicated to helping all Australians maintain good kidney health throughout their lifetimes.

Flu Near You

YOU can help researchers track and flu virus and improve flu prevention. Flu Near You works to save lives by tracking the virus and observing the success of vaccinations.

GoViral Seeks Assistance: New Study on Generating and Using Community Disease Data

Flu Near You is a free and real-time online Cold & Flu surveillance system, a next-generation study that will revolutionize infectious disease prevention and awareness.

Tom Rath: Eat Move Sleep

Tom Rath speaks with Mike and Joyce about his most recent book, EAT MOVE SLEEP, in which he shares a phenomenal collection of insights and simple suggestions that help you manage your medical risks.

Tests Your Doctor Should Run

Dr. Wald suggests six blood tests that you should ask your doctor to run. These are tests that hold critical clues to your well-being, mood and disease potential. “These tests should be a part of your overall care,” according to Dr. Michael Wald, known as “The Blood Detective.” They are standard tests that can be ordered by any physician.

There’s an app for it — controlling STDs among young people

Joyce and Mike speak with Ramin Bastani, CEO of the company, which has a free mobile app designed to help control sexually transmitted diseases among young people.