Getting a Diagnosis Archive

Relay for Life … time to cure cancer

Just as many technologies had to grow to the point that SmartPhones are possible, so in medicine we are now at the point that a cure for cancer is possible.

Debbie Does Bethesda – a story of Oncocytoma

Debra shares her adventures with kidney cancer and oncocytoma.

Family Health History

Compiling your Family Health History can provide important clues in diagnosing conditions in yourself and others in your family.

Who is Listening to the Patient Voice?

Lesley Bennett, state coordinator for NORD in Connecticut, speaks about the role of the consumer in medical organizations.

e-Patients Live Longer

Joyce speaks with Dr. Nancy Finn about how patients benefit from doing some research, getting engaged, and advocating for him or herself.

Stephanie Sugars and the PJS Community

Mike and Joyce speak with Stephanie Sugars about Peutz-Jeghers syndrome (PJS) and the progress made in the online support group since 2000.

Optimize Your Hearing and Stay in the Conversation

Dr. Mel Miller speaks with Joyce and Mike about how to protect and optimize our hearing, and stay in the conversation.

8 Ways you can Help your Doctor Save Your Life

Joyce and Mike discuss eight tips for how to create teamwork with your doctor and help your doctor keep you well.

Making Critical Medical Decisions

Dr. Peter Ubel proposes to train both doctors and patients to embark on better communication and “shared decision-making”.

Genetic Risk – Empower yourself by understanding your risks

Keith Julian Richards (aka Just Sayin’), a poet and Hip Hop artist from New York, shares his journey with a rare disease known as VHL, learning to manage risk.