Genetic Testing or DNA Testing Archive

Developments in Renal Medullary Carcinoma

Cora Connor shares her brother’s story of renal medullary carcinoma and its association with Sickle Cell trait. It is not necessary to have Sickle Cell disease to have RMC.

Family Health History

Compiling your Family Health History can provide important clues in diagnosing conditions in yourself and others in your family.

Ellen Matloff and MyGeneCounsel

Joyce speaks with genetic counselor Ellen Matloff about her newest venture, MyGeneCounsel.

Listening, Reflecting, Healing

Mike and Joyce speak with Mary-Frances Garber, a genetic counselor who provides Supportive Genetic Counseling, complementing what is traditionally offered in medical centers.

Living with Barth Syndrome

Shelley speaks with Mike and Joyce about life with Barth Syndrome, and how families cope when life ends.

Tests Your Doctor Should Run

Dr. Wald suggests six blood tests that you should ask your doctor to run. These are tests that hold critical clues to your well-being, mood and disease potential. “These tests should be a part of your overall care,” according to Dr. Michael Wald, known as “The Blood Detective.” They are standard tests that can be ordered by any physician.

Genetic Risk – Empower yourself by understanding your risks

Keith Julian Richards (aka Just Sayin’), a poet and Hip Hop artist from New York, shares his journey with a rare disease known as VHL, learning to manage risk.

Mike and Joyce Advocating for You

Mike and Joyce have attended a number of conferences recently, advocating for you, and learning more. They take time to interview each other about their recent activities and share with you what they have been up to.

Lessons from Mark and Forrest

Mike Lawing shares his thoughts about life, risk factors, and our different vulnerabilities to cancers and other diseases such as mesothelioma.

Things As They Are: Billy’s Lesson on Acceptance

“Remember that you can’t control everything in life.  At some point you have to accept things as they are.”    Billy Foster to Paul Larson, October, 2011                                   Dear Fellow Travelers: I’m a fan of Billy Foster. Billy is many things; a husband, parent, teacher, musician, talented individual, a person of deep faith, an inspiration, and a 17 […]