Developing Local Medical Resources Archive

Patients and Physicians Network about Kidney Cancer

The Kidney Cancer Association’s annual symposium for physicians included more patients this year, adding a rich dimension to the affair.

Innovative Efforts toward Affordable Medications

Jon-Michael Rosmann of the Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation joins Joyce to talk about their efforts to provide affordable prescription drugs to the people of Iowa.

Kidney Cancer Support Groups sharing ideas

I was honored to be part of the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) conference last week in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Report from Joyce’s Travels

Joyce Graff toured ten cities in September and October, speaking with audiences affected by VHL, BHD, and HLRCC. Mike Lawing interviews her about what she saw, what she did, and what she learned.

Riding the Horse called Hope… a conversation with bill penzer

You would think that a person who had been a practicing psychologist for more than four decades would know how to cope with the diagnosis of cancer in one of his grown children. Psychologists are a source of refuge, help, and direction for many of us who suffer with all kinds of maladies and are […]

Something many Doctors do not Know About

Mike Lawing shares thoughts from the AUA meeting in San Diego, and talks about a syndrome that many doctors know nothing about.

Lessons from Mark and Forrest

Mike Lawing shares his thoughts about life, risk factors, and our different vulnerabilities to cancers and other diseases such as mesothelioma.

Coping with Time-Crunched Physicians

“A good doctor-patient relationship is essential to achieving the best possible care, but the reality is, most doctors have less and less time to spend with each patient,” says Dr. Paul Griner. “So it’s important for patients to take some responsibility for that relationship, too.” Joyce talks with Dr. Griner about how patients can prepare for their visits and make the best use of their time with their physician.

Developing Local Medical Resources

Dr. Geelhoed speaks with Joyce about lessons he has learned – how NOT to serve the poor as just “white doctors off a plane,” but instead to focus on teaching communities to develop their own internal resources and become less dependent on imported healers.

Kidney Dialysis, Shades of Life

A respected dialysis director and the mother of a kidney dialysis patient collaborated to produce SHADES OF LIFE, a guide for people with degenerative kidney disease who may be at risk of kidney failure.The book educates people about kidney transplantation and encourages people who can to give a kidney to someone in need.