PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Archive

Adrenaline and your health

Dr. Michael Platt discusses the role of adrenaline in ADHD, Autism, IBS, and more. Joyce asks him how to rule out a tumor before embarking on medical treatment.

Help and Hope for Mental Illness

Mike and Joyce speak with Cindy Vickers about assisting those who are suffering from a variety of conditions consolidated under the heading of mental illness.

Healing PTSD from Trauma

As a child Michele was dangerously ill for months. As an adult she has struggled to overcome the shock of that medical trauma and its aftermath.

Finding Peace from Wartime PTSD

After 13 years away, Christal finally decided it was time to reconnect with her father and work to understand his strength and will to survive – and her own.

The Complexity of PTSD

Dear Fellow Travelers: Recently, Joyce and I had the privilege of interviewing Michelle Bellon, author of The Complexity of a Soldier. Her book is a work of fiction, but it is based on a very profound and deep problem that many of our soldiers are now facing; PTSD. PTSD, also called post traumatic stress disorder […]

PTSD: A National Health Crisis

Studies show that one in every five troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Joyce and Mike speak with Michelle Bellon about her new novel, “The Complexity of a Soldier,” in which she depicts a soldier going through (PTSD).
Successfully integrating a soldier back into civilian life requires evaluation and psychological counseling and support, both for the soldier and for his or her family. Similarly, people with repeated medical crises are also at risk for PTSD.

Brain Injury and our Heroes

Former U.S. Army physician Dr. Ron Glasser examines the changing tactics of warfare and the resulting wounds focusing on the traumatic effects of concussive and shock wave injuries to the brain.


Shows from 2011 Support for Children whose siblings have special needs, 10-27-2011 Elizabeth Batson’s new book *I Have Needs Too! Supporting the Child Whose Sibling Has Special Needs* combines quotes and drawings from kids whose siblings have special needs with parenting help from a professional. The book offers parents insight and practical advice on how […]