Kidney Failure Archive

Involuntary Discharge from Dialysis

Patients who are disruptive or non-compliant risk being discharged from dialysis, which puts them at high risk of dying.

World Kidney Day – March 12, 2015

Today is March 12, 2015 – It is World Kidney Day. I invite everyone of you to drink a glass of clean, safe water today. I also invite you to give a glass of clean, safe water to someone else in celebration of your kidneys. Make a toast to all the brave survivors out there […]

Kidney Health – Time for some Decent Exposure

Joyce speaks with Anne Wilson, CEO of Kidney Health Australia, an organization dedicated to helping all Australians maintain good kidney health throughout their lifetimes.

Kidney Dialysis, Shades of Life

A respected dialysis director and the mother of a kidney dialysis patient collaborated to produce SHADES OF LIFE, a guide for people with degenerative kidney disease who may be at risk of kidney failure.The book educates people about kidney transplantation and encourages people who can to give a kidney to someone in need.