Kidney Cancer Archive

ESMO and Immuno-Oncology

Hopes are high that immuno-oncology, will control cancer — but how much of the hype is yet real? Deb Maskens talks about ESMO and 10-for-IO.

Welcome Robin Martinez

Robin MartinezMike Lawing has retired from Powerful Patient. We wish him well in his new endeavors. Mike and Joyce welcome Robin Martinez as the new co-host of Powerful Patient. Robin and Joyce talk about some of their new ideas and directions for the show and the advocacy efforts of Powerful Patient Inc.

Challenging Kidney Cancer

Mike, Joyce, and Andy Derr share their thoughts on the Kidney Cancer Association’s symposium of October 2014, and the amazing progress being made in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney cancer.

World Kidney Day – March 12, 2015

Today is March 12, 2015 – It is World Kidney Day. I invite everyone of you to drink a glass of clean, safe water today. I also invite you to give a glass of clean, safe water to someone else in celebration of your kidneys. Make a toast to all the brave survivors out there […]

Kidney Health – Time for some Decent Exposure

Joyce speaks with Anne Wilson, CEO of Kidney Health Australia, an organization dedicated to helping all Australians maintain good kidney health throughout their lifetimes.

Learning more about HLRCC

Joyce speaks with Graham Lovitt, Chairman of the HLRCC Family Alliance, moderator of the international support list for HLRCC and webmaster of

Report from the International Kidney Cancer Symposium Dublin April 2014

Mike and Joyce talk with Robin Martinez, moderator of the patient support conversation at, about the Kidney Cancer Symposium held in Dublin April 2014.

Mike Lawing’s summary of the Dublin KCA meeting

Mike Lawing has produced a beautiful and thorough report from the Ninth European Kidney Cancer Symposium, Dublin, April 2014.

Diagnosing a Rare Disease – a Case from Ireland

Mike and Joyce talk with Gloria about her family’s adventure getting to a diagnosis of a brain tumor and a rare disease.

Healthcare report from the Ukraine

Inna Krulko from Ukraine reports on the International Kidney Cancer Coalition meeting in Amsterdam #IKCC14. In addition to her summary of the conference she gives us some glimpses into the kidney cancer situation in Ukraine.