Heart disease Archive

Going outside your comfort zone for medical care

Mike and Joyce chat about the adventure of going outside your comfort zone for medical care.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) at home? Phone it in!

Mike and Joyce talk with Euan Thomson, the President and CEO of AliveCor, makers of an attachment for a SmartPhone that allows patients to record their own electrocardiogram (ECG) wherever they are, and provide this important data to their doctor remotely.

Importance of Dental Care and Oral Health

Joyce talks wth Dr. Rick Mars, a member of the Dental care Group in Aventura, Florida, about the importance of dental health to your overall health and the strength of your immune system. Bacteria involved in periodontal disease have been linked to heart disease and pancreatic cancer. Dr. Mars shares insights into ways to maintain good oral health with modest expense, as an important investment in your overall health.