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Oxalates, Autism and more

Susan Costen Owens realized that the gut inflammation and leaky gut in autism and other disorders would lead to increased absorption of oxalate from the diet.

The Great Pain Jack – or, how pain can hijack the brain

Dr. John F. Petraglia, an anesthesiologyst and specialist in pain management, speaks with Mike and Joyce about his experience of more than 25 years of treating chronic and acute pain conditions. His book, The Great Pain Jack, explains how pain essentially hijacks the brain. It is a self-help mapping tool to assist people and their doctors achieve an accurate diagnosis and create an appropriate treatment plan to deal with chronic or acute pain.

Breaking the Habit

Mike talks about his own experience quitting smoking, and encourages you to do the same. At the very least, get the smoke out of your life even if you can’t kick the nicotine. There are smokeless products to help you. Getting rid of nicotine and tar significantly lowers your health risks.


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