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Learning more about HLRCC

Joyce speaks with Graham Lovitt, Chairman of the HLRCC Family Alliance, moderator of the international support list for HLRCC and webmaster of

Riding the Horse called Hope… a conversation with bill penzer

You would think that a person who had been a practicing psychologist for more than four decades would know how to cope with the diagnosis of cancer in one of his grown children. Psychologists are a source of refuge, help, and direction for many of us who suffer with all kinds of maladies and are […]

Managing Fibroids Without Hysterectomy

Dr. Stanley West believes that with earlier diagnosis and with the use of less drastic treatments, it should be possible to avoid hysterectomies in most cases. Joyce and Julie speak with Dr. West about the fibroids that occur in the general population, as well as those that occur because of a genetic condition, Hereditary Leiomyomatosis and Renal Cell Cancer, HLRCC. Julie is co-chair of the HLRCC Family Alliance.

Fibroids and skin bumps – what do they have in common?

Many women experience fibroids in the uterus. In some cases, fibroids can be one signal of a syndrome that includes additional risks, like HLRCC.