Brain Injury Archive

Brain Injury Ruined My Life

Being knocked on the head presents a bruising or injury to the brain that needs to be taken very seriously and treated promptly and appropriately.

Computers, Robots, and Games to promote healing

Dr. Hermano Igo Krebs of MIT is inventing machines to assist patients with rehabilitation from brain injury – from stroke to cerebral palsy to accidents and surgery.

Out Cold

We share an online poster about the impact of a concussion on the health of the brain. It is particularly important to understand what happens when a player is knocked unconscious on the field, and how to heal that injury.

Brain Injury and our Heroes

Former U.S. Army physician Dr. Ron Glasser examines the changing tactics of warfare and the resulting wounds focusing on the traumatic effects of concussive and shock wave injuries to the brain.

Could Sherman’s stroke have been prevented?

“Looking back, I wish I had known the signs to watch for,” says Turner. “I’m not sure I could have prevented the stroke completely, but I wonder if I could have made it less of a threat. Everyone needs to know the signs of a stroke. It could make all the difference.” Sherman talks about his stroke and how he healed his brain.

Husband’s New Endeavor – Advice for Gifford’s Recovery

Janet Cromer’s husband, Alan, suffered a severe brain injury as the result of a heart attack and cardiac arrest. She shares their road to recovery.