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The Making of “I Once Was Blind”

Charlene and Jeffrey Chapman walk with Joyce about their experience creating the film “I Once Was Blind,” a new independent film documenting the life of a young woman living with VHL.


Shows from 2011 Support for Children whose siblings have special needs, 10-27-2011 Elizabeth Batson’s new book *I Have Needs Too! Supporting the Child Whose Sibling Has Special Needs* combines quotes and drawings from kids whose siblings have special needs with parenting help from a professional. The book offers parents insight and practical advice on how […]

The Perfect Gift: Kidney Transplant

In October 2007, Edbassmaster, one of the comedy personalities of YOUtube, donated a kidney to his sister, Maureen. Many of his fans sent messages of support for him and his sister. On this program we meet with Ed and Maureen to talk about their experience.
For every person who receives a transplant, there are four others who will die waiting on the list. Living donors are needed who are willing to share their organs with others. In this program you will hear one woman’s story of losing her own kidney power and receiving the perfect gift – a new kidney from her brother.