Birth defects Archive

Reducing Infant Mortality in the United States

What can we do to lower the incidence of infant deaths? Dr. Robert Ford, a retired OB/GYN from W Memphis, AR, now living in Memphis TN, shares his insights.

Listening, Reflecting, Healing

Mike and Joyce speak with Mary-Frances Garber, a genetic counselor who provides Supportive Genetic Counseling, complementing what is traditionally offered in medical centers.

Going outside your comfort zone for medical care

Mike and Joyce chat about the adventure of going outside your comfort zone for medical care.

Braeden’s Challenges

Ray Flynn, former Mayor of Boston, fights with passion for his grandson’s health and quality of life. Braeden has a rare condition that presents him and his family with significant challenges.

What is Prune Belly Syndrome?

Prune Belly Syndrome (PBS) or Eagle-Barrett syndrome is a group of birth defects including urethral malformation. We talk with four volunteers working to raise awareness of PBS.