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The Patient Survival Guide

Powerful Patient, 2012

Joyce Graff, host, on

Beginning August 9, 2012


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Dr. Maryanne McGuckin
Dr. Maryanne McGuckin and friend


Dr. Maryanne McGuckin is a trusted expert in infection prevention and the author of The Patient Survival Guide; a guide we should all have on hand before we, or a loved one, head to the hospital. She is highly respected in the medical field for her tireless efforts in preventing healthcare-acquired infections.


She presents her 8 Simple Solutions to Prevent Hospital and Healthcare-Associated Infections.  She will also discuss specific, practical, and outside-the-box strategies for anticipating and preventing errors in hospital care.


Dr. Maryanne McGuckin is an international expert on infection prevention, having served on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, the infection control and epidemiology team at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, task forces for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, and as Senior Scholar/Fellow with the Jefferson School of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA