Archive for September, 2015

World Congress Patient Engagement Summit

Robin and Joyce speak with Nancy Finn to recap the experience of the conference, and to speak more in depth about patient engagement in their own healthcare.

Our Diagnostic Odyssey

Joyce and Robin speak with Patricia Weltin about her difficult road to diagnosis for her daughters, and what she has learned that can help others.

Filling the Gaps in Health Care

Joyce and Robin speak with Jeff Hulett about the work of Church Health Center to help fill the gaps in health care in Memphis.

Reducing Infant Mortality in the United States

What can we do to lower the incidence of infant deaths? Dr. Robert Ford, a retired OB/GYN from W Memphis, AR, now living in Memphis TN, shares his insights.

Travel Insurance for people with medical issues

Travel insurance sounds good, but too often when you need it, it does not deliver. How to reassure yourself?