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Cancer in Families – Lynch syndrome

Mike and Joyce speak with Georgia Hurst, a wife and mother who writes about the medical and emotional aspects of having a genetic risk factor like Lynch syndrome.

Challenging Kidney Cancer

Mike, Joyce, and Andy Derr share their thoughts on the Kidney Cancer Association’s symposium of October 2014, and the amazing progress being made in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney cancer.

World Kidney Day – March 12, 2015

Today is March 12, 2015 – It is World Kidney Day. I invite everyone of you to drink a glass of clean, safe water today. I also invite you to give a glass of clean, safe water to someone else in celebration of your kidneys. Make a toast to all the brave survivors out there […]

Listening, Reflecting, Healing

Mike and Joyce speak with Mary-Frances Garber, a genetic counselor who provides Supportive Genetic Counseling, complementing what is traditionally offered in medical centers.

The Savvy Sister teaches Resilience

Susan Gonzales, the Savvy Sister, provides useful information and simple changes you can make today to live a healthier, happier life.