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Computers, Robots, and Games to promote healing

Dr. Hermano Igo Krebs of MIT is inventing machines to assist patients with rehabilitation from brain injury – from stroke to cerebral palsy to accidents and surgery.

Transition, Moving forward

Joyce Graff retires from the VHL Alliance and formally launches the next phase of the Powerful Patient.

Optimize Your Hearing and Stay in the Conversation

Dr. Mel Miller speaks with Joyce and Mike about how to protect and optimize our hearing, and stay in the conversation.

8 Ways you can Help your Doctor Save Your Life

Joyce and Mike discuss eight tips for how to create teamwork with your doctor and help your doctor keep you well.

Tom Rath: Eat Move Sleep

Tom Rath speaks with Mike and Joyce about his most recent book, EAT MOVE SLEEP, in which he shares a phenomenal collection of insights and simple suggestions that help you manage your medical risks.

Remembering Mandela

From Joyce Graff: I’d like to ask you to join me in taking a moment to reflect on the passing of a great world leader, Nelson Mandela. I was struck when I was in South Africa that everyone I spoke with about Mr. Mandela simply glowed when they talked about him — white, black, Indian, […]

Medical Tourism – why and how

More than a million Americans went outside the country for necessary health care in 2013. Mike and Joyce speak with Joe Harkins of the Medical Tourism Journal.