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Fighting Lymphoma with Chemo and a Sense of Humor

Diagnosed six years ago with a lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma called Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM), Jack Whelan is determined to help in care and cure.

Mike reports on the Kidney Cancer Symposium

Mike Lawing shares the highlights of the Kidney Cancer Association’s annual Kidney Cancer Symposium, Chicago, October 2013.

A Guy’s Thoughts on Girly Thoughts

Dear Fellow Travelers: It’s been far too long since I have graced these pages with my wit and wisdom. Perhaps you see a bit of sarcasm in that; I certainly do for I cannot pretend to have a lot of wit and wisdom, and any grace I have is certainly not mine, it’s someone else’s […]

Mike Honored for his Volunteer Work

Mike Lawing and Roy Splawn were recently honored for their volunteer work at the Hospice of Rutherford County, North Carolina.

Be a Resilient Woman!

Too many times, women sabotage themselves, convincing themselves that their disappointments are a result of being too tall, too pretty, etc. Learn resilience!

Protection from Radiation

Michael Fonstein of Cleveland Biolabs talked with Joyce in March 2010 about a new drug developed by his company that protects humans from the effects of radiation. Update to follow.