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When Fear Pushes You, Push Back!

“Most people have no idea of what they’re capable of. But I’m living proof – if you can overcome fear, you can overcome almost anything,” says Jay Platt

Tests Your Doctor Should Run

Dr. Wald suggests six blood tests that you should ask your doctor to run. These are tests that hold critical clues to your well-being, mood and disease potential. “These tests should be a part of your overall care,” according to Dr. Michael Wald, known as “The Blood Detective.” They are standard tests that can be ordered by any physician.

Making Critical Medical Decisions

Dr. Peter Ubel proposes to train both doctors and patients to embark on better communication and “shared decision-making”.

Utilizing Your Own Power

When Josh Sommer was a freshman at Duke University, he was diagnosed with chordoma, a rare bone cancer. So he set out to fix it.

What’s the Matter with Megan?

Megan Barron has lived her whole life with a condition called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, a rare connective tissue disorder. That’s what Megan is dealing with, but that’s in the background, it’s not who she is. Come meet an extraordinary woman.