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Improving your Patient Skills

Maria Hester, M.D., is a physician in the Washington DC area who is committed to patient empowerment. Through her corporation, Savvier Health, she offers on-site workshops at area corporations to improve employees’ “patient skills.”

Kidney Cancer in Brazil

Luciana Holz talks about the work of her institute on all forms of cancer in Brazil. Their work focuses primarily on helping patients navigate the medical world and the healthcare system, both public and private, in Brazil and improve their quality of life.

Out Cold

We share an online poster about the impact of a concussion on the health of the brain. It is particularly important to understand what happens when a player is knocked unconscious on the field, and how to heal that injury.

Taking Care of Harry

The Caregiving experience is stressful for the patient as well as the caregiver. Whenever possible it is good to negotiate the changes in roles and responsibilities that occur. Both the patient and the caregiver need to work on evolving the relationship in ways that work for both parties and meet the medical goals.

Importance of Dental Care and Oral Health

Joyce talks wth Dr. Rick Mars, a member of the Dental care Group in Aventura, Florida, about the importance of dental health to your overall health and the strength of your immune system. Bacteria involved in periodontal disease have been linked to heart disease and pancreatic cancer. Dr. Mars shares insights into ways to maintain good oral health with modest expense, as an important investment in your overall health.