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Cancer of the Appendix

Carolyn Langlie-Lesnik speaks with Mike and Joyce about cancer of the appendix, a rare form of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. Cancer of the appendix may cause appendicitis or cause the appendix to rupture. Sometimes this is the first symptom of appendix cancer. Many times there are no symptoms of appendix cancer until it has progressed and is advanced. Abdominal discomfort and bloating of the abdomen can be signs of advanced appendiceal cancer

Getting the Right Diagnosis

Misdiagnosis means needless suffering for patients and their families and, in many cases, even lost lives. It also means that nearly one-third of the $2.7 trillion spent each year on health care in the U.S. are considered to be wasted dollars. Evan Falchuk, vice chair of, talks about ways to avoid misdiagnosis.

Mental Health: Evaluation, Detection, and Treatment

Dr. Jay Lombard, behavioral neurologist, speaks with Joyce about the need for better ways to evaluate a person’s mental state and stability, and to determine what drugs or nutritional elements might be helpful for this particular individual. Good nutrition is essential to brain health. Individuals may have subtle deficiencies of essential minerals. There are thousands of drugs – which one is most likely to benefit this person?

Things As They Are: Billy’s Lesson on Acceptance

“Remember that you can’t control everything in life.  At some point you have to accept things as they are.”    Billy Foster to Paul Larson, October, 2011                                   Dear Fellow Travelers: I’m a fan of Billy Foster. Billy is many things; a husband, parent, teacher, musician, talented individual, a person of deep faith, an inspiration, and a 17 […]

Clinical Trials for All

Billy Foster is in a clinical trial and has had a good response to the drug he is taking. It is not easy to design a trial. We want to learn all the information on safety and effectiveness that we will want to know once it goes on the market. At the same time we don’t want to over-complicate the clinical trial process and take too long to approve drugs that are doing well. Billy talks with Mike and Joyce about advocating for clinical trials that work for the participants, the physicians, the pharmaceuticals, and most of all for the people who will use these drugs once they are approved.