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The Great Pain Jack – or, how pain can hijack the brain

Dr. John F. Petraglia, an anesthesiologyst and specialist in pain management, speaks with Mike and Joyce about his experience of more than 25 years of treating chronic and acute pain conditions. His book, The Great Pain Jack, explains how pain essentially hijacks the brain. It is a self-help mapping tool to assist people and their doctors achieve an accurate diagnosis and create an appropriate treatment plan to deal with chronic or acute pain.

Taking Care of the Community

Rabbis and school counselors are among the folks on the front lines helping individuals, families and indeed communities in times of crisis. Joyce and Mike speak with Bonnie, a school counselor from Newtown, Connecticut, and Rabbi Bill Hamilton who helped at Logan Airport on 9/11.

Unbreak your Health

After a disappointing trip to the Mayo Clinic, author Alan E. Smith admits, “I suddenly became very open-minded about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).” Smith talks with Joyce about his book, How to Unbreak your Health.


My Father’s Writings — Looking back at your own life

Airs Thu, January 17, 2013 03:00PM

“Have you ever thought about what your message would be to your family if you knew you were going to die?” Jim writes. In “My Father’s Writings” he imagines what his son might say about him. The book takes the position that Jim has died in a plane crash, and his son finds and publishes his writings. In effect, Jim is writing his own obituary. Durham talks with Mike about creating meaning in your own life.


Living with BHD – Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome

Jean S. from Oregon joins Mike and Joyce for a conversation about Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome, one of several recently identified genetic causes of kidney cancer. Jean shares her story of diagnosis — how she found out the name of the condition that was plaguing her — and how she has learned to manage her health.


Under The Radar: Distress Screening

Prologue: I seldom dwell on the fact that I am a cancer survivor. Now in my 16th year of survivorship I feel that I have grown comfortable with the fact that this type of cancer is essentially incurable, that it still has the capacity to metastasize, and the routine of follow-up CT scans and Dr. […]

Treating Distress Facilitates Healing

Dr. Mary Ann Burg capsulizes for us the views of Oncology Social Workers concerning the process of screening cancer patients for Distress. Treatment of Distress, if needed, is an essential element in the wellness and recovery of cancer patients.