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My Greatest Challenges, My Greatest Gifts

M.L. Pearson has written a book, Gifts of the Trellis, to share with her children and grandchildren the lessons she learned by meeting the lifelong medical challenges presented to her and her family by von Hippel-Lindau. Having VHL gave me a unique vantage point on life that unless I shared, they would never appreciate or understand. The strength of her determination and her faith are inspiring.

Breaking News – Cancer Progress Report

Shaundra Hall
The American Association for Cancer Research released the AACR Cancer Progress Report 2012 at a National Press Club event on Wednesday, Sept. 12. The report, which was published simultaneously in Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the AACR, celebrates the many ways that scientists have made research count for cancer patients and highlights the great need for continued support for cancer research. Joyce and Mike talk with Shaundra Hall, who attended yesterday’s press conference, about the implications for patients and how we can help the researchers to make even better progress.

Exploring Your Genome

Max McCoy speaks with Joyce about his recent personal adventure, exploring the depths of his own genome — an ongoing adventure worthy of some of his fictional heroes, with unexpected twists and turns, sometimes more information than you know what to do with.