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Taking Care of Yourself

In 2004, Joni Aldrich found herself rising to a challenge she had never imagined: learning everything she could about cancer and caregiving after her 43-year-old husband Gordon was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. She shares with us what she has learned.

Medical Ethicists Confront Cancer Themselves

Dr. Rebecca Dresser, editor of and contributor to a new book on medical ethics and cancer, was diagnosed with head and neck cancer six years ago. While she has written and taught extensively about the legal and ethical dimensions of a variety of medical topics, personally enduring intense radiation and chemotherapy treatments spurred her interest in the ethics of cancer and cancer care medicine.

Meet Mike Lawing, Cancer Navigator, Health Advocate

Joyce talks with Mike Lawing, a colleague and friend through patient advocacy work. Mike is a delightful guy with a rich Southern drawl. Mike Lawing was diagnosed with kidney cancer 15 years ago. He has spent those years taking good care of his own health, and has also become very involved with cancer survivorship and advocacy for patients and their caregivers in a number of ways.

The Patient Survival Guide

Dr. Maryanne McGuckin is a trusted expert in infection prevention and the author of The Patient Survival Guide; a guide we should all have on hand before we, or a loved one, head to the hospital. She is highly respected in the medical field for her tireless efforts in preventing healthcare-acquired infections.

Quiet all that negative self-talk and get on with it!

Joyce talks with Greg Winick about his new book, “I Told My Mind To Shut The [bleep] Up! … and then I saw what was possible.” The book chronicles his own journey from panic to clear thinking and survival.