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Fibroids and skin bumps – what do they have in common?

Many women experience fibroids in the uterus. In some cases, fibroids can be one signal of a syndrome that includes additional risks, like HLRCC.

Obesity Action Coalition

Obesity is now in epidemic proportions in the United States, especially among children. What are the most promising actions that we can all take to help us trim down and maintain our health? James Zervios, Director of Communications for the Obesity Action Coalition joins Joyce to talk about their strategies.

Charting a New Course after Tragedy

Having seen a nasty custody battle from both sides — as a child and now as an attorney — Christine Whitehead works to help her clients find second chances waiting for them at the end of the process. Christine talks with Joyce about her new novel, Tell Me When It Hurts, and the life lessons she learned that she is now sharing with others.